How much wallpaper will you need:

A single roll of wallpaper is 27 inches wide by 5 yards long (68.58 cm x 4.57 meters) and covers 30 square feet (waste and pattern matching usually takes this down to about 27 usable square feet per roll). It’s important you order the amount of paper you need in one order to ensure you get all your wallpaper from the same dye lot, as a different dye lot may have slight color variations.

Measure the length of the wall area you plan on covering and multiply it by the height of the walls to determine the square footage.

For example, if you have 9 ft ceilings and will be covering 40 ft in length, you would multiply 40 x 9 and arrive at 360 square feet. Divide the total square feet of wall space by 27 to determine the number of rolls required.

The formula is: Square footage ÷ by 27 = Number of rolls.

At this point, you could subtract 21 square feet for any doors and 15 square feet for each window. But, to be on the safe side, we advise not subtracting for doors and windows; the extra paper might be needed for matching the pattern, or making repairs in the future. In the example above, you would require 14 rolls: 360 ÷ 27 = 13.3.

This formula is an approximate guide only, and we advise that you consult your decorator or installer prior to purchasing wallpaper.


Wherever possible, we print and ship in double and triple rolls to minimize waste for installation. We recommend professional installation for your wallpaper. If you would like to find a paperhanger in your area, we recommend the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers.